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Local startup Perfectly Pressed raises $850,000 in funding to expand into Saudi Arabian Market in 2021

Perfectly Pressed, Bahrain-based fresh cold pressed juice and nut-milk producer and distributor, have successfully closed their second round of funding, raising a total of USD 850,000.

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This Refreshing Bahraini startup is expanding to Saudi, guess who?

Perfectly Pressed (PP) prides itself as the first manufacturer and distributor of cold pressed juice in Bahrain. The brand name probably already sounds familiar to you if you are an avid wellness product seeker or if you have been looking for delicious juices.

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The Bahraini “Perfectly Pressed” makes healthy drinks taste good with 0 guilt

Searching for that perfect juice blend that tastes good but healthy? You’re conscious about your health, but you’re also sick of drinking water all the time? Oh, and do you also happen to be a vegan that struggles to find non-dairy beverages? Perfectly Pressed is definitely going to be your new best friend.

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Cold-Press 101

‘What’s the difference?’ ‘An Alternative method for making juice?’

‘Why would I do that?’ Most people ask us about the cold press method… but here’s the thing cold press is not just another method, it’s a revolutionary method that changes the way our bodies take in nutrients, we like to say it’s the smart phone of juices.

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